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Bluekey® Health prioritizes people, fostering a human-first approach to crafting workplaces that truly care.

Bluekey® Health Mobile App: Your portable wellness partner.
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Engage and retain your workforce.

Your most valuable asset are your employees. Putting their well-being first can help keep them happy and productive.


Modern features.

Biometrics, Health Risk Assessments, eCoaching, Challenges, Device Connectivity, Rewards Integration and much more…


Control healthcare costs.

Built on a solid foundation of behavioral science, our clients often see a return on investment of more than 5:1.

Keep your workforce happy and healthy!

The Bluekey® Health platform is your one-stop solution for corporate employee wellness programs, well-being methodology, and wellness activities for employees. Improve lifestyle behavior with our fun, easy-to-administer programs that promote sustained healthy habits.


“They have been a valued long-term partner in delivering effective wellness programs to our employees, their families, and tens of thousands of policyholder employees throughout in our State."

CFO, Major Insurance company


“Our partnership played a key role in helping us to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award."

VP Human Resources, Major Health System


Two published Peer Reviewed Journal Studies confirmed that the software reduces health risks and delivers a measurable ROI.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

It’s time for a well-being program that’s easy to administer.

Navigating employee wellbeing programs used to be an administrative nightmare. But not anymore; it’s time to thank Bluekey® Health. Our easy-to-follow onboarding program guides you every step of the way, incorporating wellness incentives. Plus, with our interactive employer dashboard, you’re in full control, making tracking and celebrating your program’s success a breeze. Shore up your well-being strategy – streamlined, simplified, and successful with Bluekey® Health.

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A solution that’s as mobile as you are.

The Bluekey® Health solution was built from the ground up to adapt to different devices and screen sizes. Whether at home, work, or on the go, participation is easy.

A well-being program you can trust.

The Bluekey® Health solution is fully HIPAA, GINA and HITECH compliant, and was built by a team of health and well-being experts. We are experts in the field of population health management and well-being expertise.

Simple, yet sophisticated.

The Bluekey® Health platform is efficient, scalable and easy to set up.

We will work with you to understand the needs of your organization so your well-being program can achieve its full potential.

We will walk you through managing your program easily online. Your program will be delivered seamlessly across all devices.

Full-featured, no extra fees or hidden add-on's.

Reduce costs.

Get more out of your lifestyle with Bluekey® Health.

Improve output.

Are you ready to get more done, in less time? We can help.

Increase profitability.

Improve profitability and lifestyle behaviors with a single solution.

Our customers have achieved a return on investment ratio of more than 5:1.

Empowered individuals exploring Bluekey® Health Software for health management.

Enterprise Platform Option.

Enterprise Platform Option users will have access to our Set Up Wizard located in the Enterprise Portal where users can set up their own programs customized to individual locations, companies, or customers.

General FAQs

Click HERE to register now. Please use the registration code given by your employer when completing the process.

Please speak to your wellness program contact or administrator.

Are you ready to make your organization healthier?

See Bluekey® Health in action!

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