Real-time Employer and Member Portals

Member Portal.

Allow participants to better understand health risks, track lifestyle, compete with coworkers, set goals, enroll in online coaching and much more.


Health Risk Assessment.

HRA completion is a quick and effective way to learn top health risks and wellness opportunities.


Track Everything.

Monitor Progress with the ability to track food, activities, challenges, points, goals, and more.



Knowledge is power. Our online learning modules empower participants to improve behavior.

Employer Portal.

Gain insight into your population and manage your program from one convenient place. Real-time metrics, reports, communication tools and more make administration easy.


Easy to Use.

A modern web interface makes visualizing your program progress and management easy.


Communication Is Key.

Access templates for every step of your well-being program and keep your members engaged.


Reports & Tools.

Understand your ROI metrics over time and online reporting and access a range of helpful predictive tools.

Key Benefits of a Bluekey® Health Program.


One seamless platform that is simple to set up and easy to use.


Integrated reward and incentive fulfillment, everything from cash and gifts card to premium dedications.


Drives a bottom line of reeducated costs, improved output, and increased profitability.


A commitment to technology with ongoing upgrades, releases and enhancements.


Connects to a wide range of personal fitness devices.

Bluekey® Health App: Your portable solution to health and wellness.

Real-time information, tracking, and reporting.


Mobile App (IOS and Andriod) with built-in health trackers and seamless integration with fitness devices.


Employer tools, templates, and resources for easy program administration.


An affordable and measurable investment with a transparent pricing model.


Creates a healthier and more productive workforce.

It's time to think differently about well-being with Bluekey® Health.

Our easy-to-manage programs can reduce health related costs and improve productivity.
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Money Saved.

Return of Investment.

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years of

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Are you ready to make your organization healthier?

See Bluekey® Health in action!

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